Hello from Leith AKA ZL1LAC

Hello, there I’m Leith or ZL1LAC in the ham radio world. As a person that started in ham radio, I wanted to venture out into other things, like tracking other types of radio signals.

I came across FlightAware to be able to track aircraft, so I signed up and got a raspberry pi ready, hooked it up to my TV antenna, yeah yeah I know but it worked to a point. Installed the image onto the pi and was off to the races, I felt proud I was feeding to the network and part of the community.

But then I got wing of some information that stopped me feeding to them, turns out FlightAware censor curtain information on flights and planes even on your local installation. Here in New Zealand, we have laws that limit what we can do with transmissions like radio chatter witch limits us on what we can do so setting up radio stream and broadcasts like you see overseas makes this impossible to do. I was already fed up with this and took my FlightAware pi down.

I put that idea to bed for a while then came across adsbexchange witch aimed to be what FlightAware should have been, I got a pi setup and used my TV antenna, then got told I could signup to a package I can get a setup with all the stuff I needed to get started, fast forward to today and I currently maintain 3 separate sites with these 1090 flight tracking on.
I then started looking into other things to track and monitor I came across a few other things like pocsag, EOTD, and radiosondes which I may cover in another post at another time.

I got wind of the ISS and how they don events into SSTV which I got into, then found out there were things in the space like weather satellites, such as NOAA 15,18,19 and others like The Goes series. While I don’t have much knowledge of tracking these I gave it a try. And managed to get some SSTV images via the ISS, to this point I have no luck on getting NOAA images yet. LOL!

Then I met some fine people such as Trumpkyn who told me he was downloading images from GK-2A weather satellite. We got talking and he mentioned he tried to get data from Goes-17 a few times but couldn’t due to a palm tree on the neighboring property. I thought I would see if I could pick it up from my place I checked dish-pointer and it looked promising so long story short because this is already too long. I provide Goes 17 data to kiwiweather. Relayed from Goes 17 is also Goes 16, Himawari 8, and NWS that I also will provide.

I look forward to providing my service to KW and Trumpkyn. Keep an eye for more posts from me, more details about my roller coaster ride on getting setup will come at a later date watch out for that.
Right that’s it from me this post is long, the longest post I have done in a long time.

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