About WxCapture

This website is powered by an open source application, WxCapture, which is responsible for all the satellite tracking, capturing and releasing to this website.

The WxCapture solution was built by Mike (ZL4MDE) and it can be installed from GitHub:

WordPress is also used for most of the front end for the website, including the posts and comments areas. WordPress is open source software and can be downloaded from:

Using this software, anyone can create their own version of this site.

How Does WxCapture Work?

WxCapture is built using Python to perform the following tasks:

  • Automatically records passes
  • Processes them and stores them
  • Transfers them over to a server
  • Updates a server webpage to include them

It also uses a number of other open source applications to perform these tasks including:


This is currently a manual process, with the instructions for installing the Pi and web server code currently being documented in the following spreadsheet: https://github.com/wxcapture/wxcapture/blob/master/WxCapture.xlsx

Technical information:

Please report any technical issues you find with WxCapture by sending an email to contact@kiwiweather.com or submit an issue on Github.

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