In putting together this site, we have made use of multiple online resources which have assisted in multiple areas from how to build antennae, decode images and troubleshooting.

SDR – Software Defined Radio

  • SDR# – Windows software to control an SDR, which includes multiple plugins.
  • RTL-SDR v3 User Guide – User guide for the SDRs used in this project.
  • RTL-SDR Store – Where to buy RTL-SDR dongles, antennae kit and FM block.
  • Nooelec NOAA SAWbird – Nooelec SAWbird+ NOAA – Premium SAW Filter & Cascaded Ultra-Low Noise LNA Module for NOAA Applications. 137MHz Center Frequency

Antennae – design and construction

  • QFH antenna design – Design information for building a QFH antenna.
  • QFH calculator – Online calculator for designing a QFH antenna optimised for receiving NOAA and Meteor satellites.

NOAA – decoding and processing

  • wxtoimg – wxtoimg is the NOAA decoding software used in the project. Ensure you download the beta release for latest version, including the ability to install on Windows 10 (Intel CPU only)
  • wxtoimg GUI manual – Manual for the wxtoimg GUI with extensive information on functionality.
  • NOAA Satellite Guide – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration User’s Guide for Building and Operating Environmental Satellite Receiving Stations. Slightly dated in places.
  • Interference to APT Satellite Reception – A great guide to identifying sources of noise in NOAA APT images and how to try to resolve them.

Meteor – decoding and processing


Satellite prediction

  • Gpredict – Windows and Linux application to track satellites and predict orbits. This includes a command line version used by WxCapture to predict passes for capture


  • XRIT-RX – GK-2A decoding software
  • goestools – used to decode the images from XRIT-RX, plus the GOES 17 images received from ZL1LAC
  • ffmpeg – a great way to animate series of frames into mp4 video files
  • pynng – used to connect to the XRIT-RX and goesproc servers to monitor reception


  • Sanchez – image projection / stitching software