The Meteor M-2 satellite is a Russian weather satellite and it broadcasts images with a resolution of 1km pixels, which means there is nine times the amount of detail as in the US NOAA weather satellites.

Meteor M-2
A Meteor M-2 pass over New Zealand

The horizontal black lines you see are due to a software bug on the satellite which can’t be upgraded from the ground. These happen about every 6 minutes and you typically get 2-3 per pass.

There are 6 different wavelengths that can be imaged with three in the visible spectrum (red, green and blue) plus three different infra-red wavelengths. Only three are broadcast at a time with these being typically the visible green and blue, plus either a visible red or an infra-red. When only visible wavelengths are broadcast, images are only captured when it is light at some point during the pass.