GOES 17 Meso 1 Videos

Meso 1 is normally showing an area around California, but this can change whenever there is interesting weather elsewhere.

To see the videos at full size, click on the square box like icon at the bottom right of the video player. The videos do not, yet, auto-refresh, so you’ll need to reload this page to get any updates.

These videos are created from data that has been downloaded by Zl1LAC / Leith Cullen and displayed here with thanks.

Visible Light – Last ~6 Days

Night time images are skipped.

GOES 17 Visible Light – Last ~6 Days

Infra Red – Last 3 Days

The M1 Meso area is normally an area centred around California, but this changes when there is something “interesting” happening elsewhere.

GOES 17 M1 Infra Red – Last 3 Days