Himawari 9

Himawari 9 is a Japanese geostationary weather satellite operated by the Japanese Meteorological Agency. It was launched in 2016 and provides coverage of most of Asia, India, Australasia and the Pacific.

The data download from Himawari 9 is encrypted, with the data being made available to Country level meteorological agencies, however GOES 17 rebroadcasts some Himawari 9 data, so it can be downloaded indirectly.

Himawari 9 replaced Himawari 8 on the 13th December 2022.

These images are best viewed by opening them in a new tab / window as this lets you see the full image size and you can also zoom into the image.

Himawari 9 – Infra Red
Himawari 9 – Water Vapour