Meteor M-1 Returns to Life?

There are reports on some forums in Russia and Reddit that the Meteor M-1 satellite, which was lost from active service after a failure with the position control system, is now in a stable orientation and testing of the satellite systems is in progress.

The best information about the current status is on the website which is normally the most reliable site for Meteor status updates.

We’ve configured our capture solution, WxCapture, to track and capture any passes over New Zealand. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some images from this satellite in the next few days / weeks.

Details of passes for Meteor M-1 and the other satellites are on the predictions page.


14/6/20 – passes to date have been captured, but no image data was in the audio signal and it is no longer listed on the Meteor Status website.

14/6/20 – the reports from Russia have been clarified. There is some power to parts of the satellite, the orientation has not been restored and there is no LPRT imaging.

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