ISS SSTV – 20th Anniversary

An ISS SSTV event has just finished which commemorated 20 years of operations from the International Space Station.

The event was from the 24th December to the 31st December, which meant that there were plenty of chances to capture passes. This is more so than most events where there are broadcasts from a select few orbits over a couple of days which are optimised for passes over Russia.

The ISS broadcasts SSTV on 145.8MHz and I’m using my QFH antenna to receive the data which is optimised for 137.6MHz, so this isn’t ideal. However the QFH works well for receiving from any orientation, so it balances things out. Plus it is very easy to capture using wxcapture.

I was able to capture and decode 17 images in total, with the better ones being shown below.

I’m now waiting on my latest ARISS SSTV award for doing the receiving and image creation.

The capture of this data is automated using wxcapture and QSSTV is used to do the decoding. I’ve tried extensively to have QSSTV do the processing automatically, however I, to date, have been unable to get it to run automatically following a Pi being booted, despite running the exact same commands via an SSH terminal session.

More work / inspiration required!

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