Website Reorganization

When I first designed this website, built using WordPress, I was just capturing a few polar orbiting satellites and considering at some point in the future capturing data from a single geostationary satellite.

I never expected this site to grow its coverage to include all the following satellites.


  • NOAA 15
  • NOAA 18
  • NOAA 19
  • Meteor M-2
  • ISS


  • GK-2A
  • GOES 17
  • GOES 16
  • GOES 15
  • GOES 15 GVAR
  • GOES 14
  • GOES 13
  • Himawari 8

Hardly surprisingly, as I added them one by one the captures page became rather cluttered, hard to maintain and more importantly it was hard to find the images I (and no doubt others) were looking for.

So I’ve moved things around a bit, mainly keeping the content and making it a bit more organized.

In doing so I found that I was generating some content which was on the web server but just not on any page, so I’ve added pages for videos from GK-2A and a global view using multiple IR satellite images.

Global combined IR satellite images

I’ll also be adding some additional content now I’ve got the basic structure updated.

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