GK-2A Output Improvements

For too long I’ve had the output images from GK-2A show zero information about the image capture. So I’ve been working to fix this with the single images now inluding:

  • Kiwiweather.com branding
  • Website logo
  • Time and date that the images was captured
GK-2A Imagery
GK-2A Image Updates

And with the animations being created by combining the different frames, these updates now apply to the videos too. I love watching how fast weather systems move when you have the time and date advancing.

GK-2A Animated

And I’ll be making more updates, with one obvious thing I missed being the satellite name and the image processing! Back to my code editor and adding this in…

All the additions were created using OpenCV2 which is an awesome library for manipulation of images and videos. Whilst the library is primarily aimed at computer vision processing, so far I’ve been using it for some of the more simple tasks it can do.

There is also the bonus that you can use the library directly from within Python and this means that there are a multitude of resources online to show you how to do just about everything.

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